Our Story: Part 3

This is the final instalment of Our Story. We hope you enjoyed getting to know the story behind our company! In Part 3, you will learn where our company is at today and our goals.

You can read Part 1 and Part 2 from previous weeks.

Our Story: The Final Chapter

Joe Sr. preparing for Grand Opening in Cranbrook

Joe Sr. preparing for Grand Opening in Cranbrook

By 2001, there were Prestige properties added in Nelson, Cranbrook, Radium, and Salmon Arm. Joe Jr.’s ingenuity and vision had turned a modest motel business into a chain of upscale hotels and resorts spanning across B.C.. With his father at his side, and his family supporting him, he had taken his father’s business and improved it in countless ways, making an indelible mark in the British Columbia hospitality industry in the process.

Management and Corporate team at Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Feb 2013

Management and Corporate team at Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Feb 2013

Today, Prestige continues to maintain the same sense of family involvement that Joe Sr. helped promote. Noted interior designer and youngest daughter of Joe and Anna, Hilde Schneider, has made immeasurable contributions to the look and feel of each Prestige property. CEO Joe Huber Jr. and President Terry Schneider – Hilde’s husband – also continue to cultivate their own extended family within the company. Thanks to their efforts in training General Managers and Corporate Office staff, they have brought many bright, exciting new faces into the Huber family fold – faces that have helped mould and shape the company into what it is today.


Go Whale Watching in Sooke, BC

Killer Whales in Sooke, BCWould you like to go Orca watching?

It is quite the experience and if you are staying at our Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort this summer, you’ll have a great opportunity to give this unique and inspiring experience a try!

Given our Vancouver Island location, Sooke is a wonderful place for whale watching, and both transient and resident Orcas (killer whales) are regularly spotted in local waters. Transient and resident refers to two different types of Orcas. Resident Orcas live and hunt in coastal waters, while, as the name suggests, transient Orcas live a much more nomadic life, travelling over a much greater area and to deeper depths; only visiting the coastal areas on occasion.

The best time to see Orcas in Sooke is between spring and fall, as that is the time when the residents are in the area. However, Orcas have been seen in the area year round, as transients do venture into the coastal waters at sporadic points throughout the year, including winter.

In Prep for Your Tour…

Did you know that Orcas represent the second most geographically diverse mammal species in the world? They’re second only to humans! Furthermore, each different Orca population across the planet is individually unique, and not just in small ways. We’re talking about significant differences such as genetics, food sources and language. The different groups do not mate together either. In addition to residents and transients, there’s also a third type of Orca – the offshore orca. However, much less is known about this group.

There are a number of high-quality tour companies operating in the area. If you’d like a recommendation, please just ask at our front desk. Enjoy your stay and this incredible experience of a lifetime!

To book your summer stay at our Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort in Sooke, please contact us.

The Willi XC Challenge Returns to Golden

(Photo: Garth Henderson) Paragliding at the 2013 Willi XC Challenge

(Photo: Garth Henderson) Paragliding at the 2013 Willi XC Challenge

The annual Willi Muller XC Challenge is returning to Golden in the next few weeks. The 2014 edition of the hang gliding and paragliding event takes place from July 26th through to August 3rd.

Basecamp for the meet is the Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch, with flight launches taking place at majestic Mount 7.

While “The Willi”, as it is known among regular attendees, is a competition, organizers want to make it clear that the event is about fun and is open to pilots of all levels. The Willi is a great opportunity for development and improvement, to meet other pilots and have a lot of fun.

The adventure-sport meet was first established back in 1997 and regularly draws attendees from across Canada, the US and even farther afield.

Wherever you’re travelling from, we look forward to welcoming you to our Golden location and we are in an ideal spot for pilots attending the meet – our Prestige Inn Golden location is located at 1049 Trans Canada Hwy.

You can learn more about the Willi Muller XC Challenge 2014 HERE.

If you’re in town while The Willi is happening, keep an eye out for the gliders!

Our Story: Part 2

This week, we continue the second part of our company story. If you missed Part 1 of Our Story, you can read it on our blog.

Our Story: Part 2

The crew and Joe Sr. enjoy a staff luncheon, 1980s

The crew and Joe Sr. enjoy a staff luncheon, 1980s

In the summer of 1986, Joe Huber Jr. had just completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Arizona. His goal upon graduating was to make a firm foothold in the American hospitality industry; however, it wasn’t long before his father came calling, imploring him to come back to B.C. to help him run the Park Lake Motor Inn. Much like Joe Sr. had previously been beckoned out West by his sister and brother-in-law, Joe Sr. himself was asking the same of Joe Jr. Always the dutiful son, Joe Jr. returned home to help repay the opportunities granted to him by his mother and father.

Once Joe Jr. had found his footing at the Park Lake, it wasn’t long before he started to convince his father that they needed to upgrade the property to a hotel. Guests deserved to get as much for their dollar as possible – better service, better amenities, and a better overall stay. His dream was to give tourists and families a premium hotel experience without having to pay premium prices – and he wanted to be able to do that all across his native British Columbia.

Joe Sr. and Anna

Joe Sr. and Anna

Joe Jr. and his father started researching other potential locations. First, they decided to build a new hotel in neighbouring Vernon, and then soon did the same in Golden. Later, after they received guest input at their new Golden hotel regarding the lack of full service hotels in south eastern BC, Joe Jr. and Joe Sr. scoured the Kootenays, finding ways to strategically build hotels with all the amenities in communities that were well suited to their business model.

Center of Gravity Brings The Party to Kelowna’s City Park

Lights at Center of GravityJuly 25th to July 27th, Center of Gravity returns to Kelowna’s beautiful City Park. The three-day music and sports festival draws visitors from all over the country to enjoy to a range of entertainment.

Featuring seven different sports (including beach volleyball through to freestyle mountain biking) and three large music stages, Centre of Gravity is a must-see summer event. Dubstep, House, and Rock are only some of the musical genres featured on stage. Musical headliners for 2014 include Calvin Harris, J. Cole, Chromeo, Adventure Club, Matt & Kim, Tegan & Sara, and many others.

Started in 2007 as Volleyfest, “Canada’s Hottest Beach Festival” has grown to mark the height of the summer season in Kelowna and has sold out for the last three years in a row. Produced each year by the ever imaginative Wet Ape Productions, Centre of Gravity or COG, this year promises to be even more fun and exciting with a lineup of big names and big stars.

You can learn more about Center of Gravity by visiting the official COG website.

Fun and Free Things to do in Kelowna

kelowna farmers market

The Farmers Market is a wonderful free event that is quite popular in Kelowna.

Find the Free Spots in Kelowna this Summer

Kelowna is a wonderful place to visit, especially in the summertime. If you want to explore Kelowna but don’t want to break the bank, here are some fun and free things you can do on your visit. All these attractions are local favourites that you won’t want to miss. If you already live in Kelowna, you can have your very own stay-cation without tapping into your budget.

Kettle Valley Trestles

Originally built at the turn of the last century, and rebuilt again 2003-2008 after the Okanagan Mountain Fire, the Kettle Valley Trestles are a true part of Kelowna history. Locals enjoy packing a picnic and trek from one end to the other, enjoying the spectacular scenery along the way. A landscape marked by history, it is remarkable to imagine how a steam engine would have climbed the mountain. The KLO Creek (Myra) Canyon, Bellevue Creek corridor and the Kettle Valley Railway have unique features with character. You can also visit Angel Springs which have mineral deposits including pools, steps, sink holes and small caves. Whether you are an athlete in training or a visitor to the city, the Kettle Valley Trestles are a must-see on your visit.

Farmers Market

kelowna farmers market

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 8AM to 1PM from April to October, the Kelowna Farmers’ & Crafters’ Market features great local produce, products and crafts. At the corner of Dilworth and Springfield, the market spans about 50 vendors which offer everything from fresh organic fruit, vegetables, locally raised and organic chicken and pork, preserves and crafts. Parking is available behind the market or at the Orchard Park Mall. An ATM is available on site.

Waterfront Park

Located at the heart of downtown Kelowna, Waterfront Park has gorgeous views of Lake Okanagan, sandy beaches, and landscaped gardens. It also provides washroom facilities, paddle boat rentals and boat launches. You can take a nice long walk or explore the various restaurants along the boardwalk, which spans from Waterfront Park all the way to City Park.

We hope your time in Kelowna is a memorable and exciting one! Check out our Kelowna deals page for current special offers for your stay.

How to Make the Most of your Summer and Save

healthy living this summerSpend your Summer Doing all the Things you Love and Save Money 

Summer is a great time to live life to the fullest. This summer, spend your days enjoying the simple things that make the summer season great without over spending.

Here are 5 ways to make the most of your Summer:

Go Outside for Exercise

The summer is the perfect time to engage in outdoor activities. If the weather isn’t too hot, you can go for a run, bike ride, or even on an adventurous hike. To enhance your experience, bike or run near the water or around scenery.

Visit the Beach

Since you can’t go to the beach all year round, you won’t want to miss out on taking a refreshing cool dip in your favorite lake. Try to get to the beach as much as possible and don’t make excuses. With the Fall Season just around the corner, you will regret missing out on beach time once the summer is over.

Plan a Camping Trip 

Camping is the perfect way to spend time outside and experience a variety of outdoor activities. Fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, or lounging in front of a late night campfire is a great way to connect with friends or family.  Move out of your comfort zone and plan an action packed camping trip that you will never forget. Your group will welcome a comfortable room after spending a few nights outdoors. So make sure you check availability at the Prestige hotel that is closest to your campsite for refreshing stay after your camping trip.

Host a Barbecue 

Barbecues are one of the best parts about summer. Invite as many people so you can get everyone together for a great time. If you don’t own a barbecue, you can borrow a BBQ from a friend or there a lots of cheap grill options you can buy at Canadian Tire or other houseware stores.

Look at the Sky

If you happened to catch the latest supermoon, you will know that looking at the sky is an essential summer activity. Whether you’re star gazing or viewing fireworks, you can’t go wrong. The weather is perfect to sit back and take it all in.

Tell us what do you enjoy most about summer? 



Valley Appreciation Day – A Celebration of the Columbia Valley

Valley Appreciation Day InvermereMinutes from Radium Hot Springs, the township of Invermere offers an annual event that is so popular it is expected to draw approximately 3000 people into the small community. The 27th Annual Valley Appreciation Day, or VAD, offers a great opportunity for visitors to mingle with locals and celebrate.

Initially established to show gratitude to tourists who visit the Columbia Valley area and support local businesses, the event has evolved over the years to become a celebration of what it truly means to live in the Columbia Valley.

Festivities include a free pancake breakfast, live entertainment, the musical stylings of talented local artists, cart rates, marketplace, interactive games and much more. Local businesses also have a chance to showcase their products and services at a trade show. A day including the unique sights and sounds of the region, Valley Appreciation Day is an event suited for the whole family to enjoy.

We are proud to be part of the Columbia Valley region and invite all our guests at our Best Western Plus Prestige Inn in Radium Hot Springs, to enjoy this action packed family friendly event!

If you have any questions about our beautiful region or booking your next stay, contact us.

You can learn more about the Columbia Valley’s Valley Appreciation Day HERE.

Our Story: Part 1

A story that is close to our hearts, the evolution of Prestige Hotels & Resorts is a story that we want to share with all our fans. This post is part of a three part blog post about our family owned hotel company.

Here is Part 1 of Our Prestige Story:

“There are two things I’ve always asked of my children: to work hard and to treat others with kindness.”

- Josef Huber Sr., founder, Prestige Hotels & Resorts


Upon his arrival to Canada in 1950, Josef Huber Sr. knew that if he was going to be successful, he would have to rely on his family.

Joe Huber Sr. - 1950's

Joe Huber Sr. – 1950′s


With only twenty-dollars to his name, and his wife, Anna, and a child to provide for, he was abundantly aware that learning quickly, working hard, and adapting to his surroundings would be essential to their survival. In spite of some initial language barriers, he quickly worked his way up from cabinetmaker to carpenter to contractor.

Joe Huber Sr. - 1970's

Joe Huber Sr. – 1970′s


Husband and wife would teach each other English, encourage one another, and grow their family, all while combating the cold of the Canadian prairie. Years passed and the family grew to love and admire their adopted country, a place where hard work could easily be converted into opportunity.

One day, Joe’s sister and brother-in-law called from out West, urging him to move to the Okanagan and buy a small motel business. The family saw a chance to make their mark, and they made the decision to seize it together.

The Huber Family - 1960's

The Huber Family – 1960′s

The Huber’s soon relocated their family to Penticton, BC, and bought a ten-unit motel called the Kreekside.

The Kreekside Motel, Penticton - 1960s

The Kreekside Motel, Penticton – 1960s

Joe quickly developed a propensity for the hotel business. A man of many social graces, he enjoyed interacting with guests, with employees, with just about any one he came into contact with. He believed that treating the customer with respect and kindness was the cornerstone of success in the hotel industry. Both his parents and Anna’s mother lived on site with the family, and worked along side Joe and Anna to run the business successfully.

Joe continued to stake his own claim by systematically expanding the Kreekside Motel, and then built a second property in Penticton, the Lakeland Motel. These were the first in a long line of motels and motor inns that he constructed and operated.

As Joe became increasingly successful, he purchased the Four Seasons Motel in Kelowna. Joe and Anna expected their children to contribute to the business just as much as they had over the years. The three daughters, Ilse, Ingrid and Hilde, had responsibilities in housekeeping, the front office, and interacting with guests.

They worked tirelessly, all while balancing their school work and active social lives. The youngest of the four children, Joey, pitched in with chores such as lawn mowing, but his major contribution to the family business would come later – contributions that would drastically shape the direction and scale of the family business forever.

Check back on our blog next week for Part 2 of the Prestige Story.

5 Great Things To Do in Golden, B.C. This Summer

Golden's famous pedestrian bridge. Photo from Tourism Golden

Golden’s famous pedestrian bridge. Photo from Tourism Golden

Golden is a unique mountain town that offers year round adventures and activities.

For guests who are going to be visiting us this summer at our Golden location at 1049 Trans-Canada Hwy, we have compiled a list of 5 things to do in Golden this summer.

  1. Raft Down the Kicking Horse River
    Test your nerves and raft down this famous river while you’re in Golden.
  2. Go Horseback Riding in the Rockies
    Situated between three different mountain ranges and also close to six national parks, Golden is a great place to explore the mountain trails. We recommend horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Float the Columbia River
    Given that Golden is located between three mountain ranges, it is no surprise that the city is within the confluence of two rivers – the Kicking Horse River and the Columbia River. Take a leisurely float on the Columbia after your Kicking Horse Adventure.
  4. Walk the Longest Freestanding Pedestrian Bridge on the Continent
    Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge over the Kicking Horse River is the longest freestanding pedestrian bridge in all of North America. Take a stroll across it while you’re in town.
  5. Skydive Between Two Mountain Ranges
    The lovely people at Tourism Golden attest that Golden is “the only place where you can skydive between two mountain ranges”, so make sure to add this one to your BC bucket list.

Whatever you have planned, we look forward to welcoming you to Golden!